Adron's Folly

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A large town located in the north-eastern area of the Nocthian Caldera, aka Wyrmhold Reborn. It is the major population center of the Wyrmhold-controlled portion of the caldera. Named after the wizard Adron ka Ipsalan, a dragonborn arcanist who built a mage tower near the site (adjacent to the pre-Hungering Frost village of Chornozem); his Folly was assuming he could treat with Isskap fairly. His lust for power brought about, in part, the Winter War and led to the downfall of Old Wyrmhold. After the end of the Winter War, the tower became a site of research and the local goblins who had allied with the Wyrmhold forces allowed the founding of a settlement. As the main entry point and controlling strong point for access to the southern contested territory, it has grown tremendously, now numbering about 4,000 permanent residents, plus a major military garrison.