Adventuring Ranks

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Ranking System for Adventurers

Established by the Crystal Spire Protocols of 238 AC, the following are the ranks for adventurers within the Federated Nations territory.

Rank Level Band Prevalence Comments
F/Unranked 0-2 1 for every 2 hamlets The vast majority of adventurers--these include bandits and other rogue adventurers. Mostly malcontents

who strike out to get rich. Very short average life. Not registered by most companies.

C 3-4 Village Initial rank for most companies. Bulk of the forces, will hire F-ranks on the side.
B 5-8 Region Regional leaders. Have to be registered with the AG for CSP compliance. Might get issued an uncommon

magic item or two.

A 9-10 A few per nation Company leaders and elites. Most of these are part of the AG.
S 11+ Legendary As of 250 AC, only Enigma is of this status, although they have not been officially recognized as such.