Asai'ka (City)

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Asai'ka City


  • Grey areas are unrestricted and thus suitable for commoners. Commoners are not allowed to live within the walls of the city unless registered as a servant of a noble. This area also contains many of the sweatshops and manufactories involving significant brute labor.
  • Gold areas are inhabited by lai-caste citizens--craftsmen, tradesmen, and other skilled workers. The Trade District separates the noble and priestly districts from the common areas.
  • Red areas are dedicated to the priest-bureaucracy. Much of this is taken up by the city homes of ranking bureaucrats from the Holy City, Ar Salem Dolem. The rest is warehouses and training facilities.
  • Blue areas are dedicated to noble estates. These range from apartments for the low-ranking (or poor) nobles to palatial estates occupying whole blocks. For many, this is their city home.


The current city of Asai'ka was founded in 98 AC, on the ruins of a pre-Cataclysm city of the same name. The first ruler, Ssa'ka was the leader at the time of the Cataclysm; he also led the rediscovery of the Holy City.

Current Leadership