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A former member of Fire, Stone, and Cold, Balthazaar ka'Anu is the head of the Dragonslayers Registered Company. His life goal is to hunt and kill an adult dragon. Until that day comes, he hunts other monsters and leads that organization (if by "leads" you mean "gets out in front and screams loudest as they charge").

A gold dragonborn sorcerer, he specializes in evocation spells. "No problem so big that enough fireballs won't fix it!" is one of his stock phrases, along with "There's no such thing as overkill, merely out of ammunition." He hasn't mellowed at all as he's aged. Now in his 60s, he is as hot-headed and impatient with the cautious approach as ever.


Super hot headed, impatient, and glory-seeking.

Glory. The bigger the head of the monster, the better. The more dangerous, the better.
I will kill a dragon one day.
Attacks first, thinks...rarely.