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The largest village north of Old Wyrmhold. Named after the poor ground that plagued settlers for many years. In the last few years (since 245-ish AC), the local Rytsar has enacted reforms that have dramatically boosted the area's economic situation. Current population is about 1,200, a mix of mostly dragonborn and orcs with a few local goblin and jazuu groups.



  1. Dawnfield
    1. The oldest district, also the commercial district.
    2. Home to the Three Witches as well as the only major inn, the Rampant Mouse.
  2. Northgate
    1. Heavily orcish district.
  3. Goblingate
    1. Home to a few bands of goblins of the local Goatfoot sub-tribe.
    2. Location of the Grot, the local hangout for shady folks.
  4. Shady Side
    1. Has a farmers market.
  5. (Not pictured) Bent Oaks Manor, residence of Rytsar Ivars. Located inside the wall near the west gate.

Notable People

  • Rytsar (Sir/Knight) Ivars ka Anu. A young noble of a minor branch of clan Anu, he has recently developed a passion for economic growth and has made a series of extremely shrewd mercantile moves, leading to substantial wealth, which he uses to import alchemical fertilizer for the local farmers.
  • Lady Kathryn ka Anu. Ivars' wife. Quiet, she supports her husband.
  • The Three Witches: a trio of sisters who are the magical support for the village as well as the core of the local rumor network.
    • Elspeth: hedge-druid. A minor primal practitioner and herbalist. Makes potions as well as provides healing support.
    • Miraleth: priestess of the Congregation. Nondenominational, she mostly favors Peor-fala. Has a dozen children, both her own and adopted.
    • Bethany: hedge-wizard. A minor arcane practitioner. Favors elemental magics. The youngest and least social of the trio.