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Located south of the Nocthian Caldera and north of Gap-tooth Bay, Byssia is a fertile land split into two main areas--the Byssian Lowlands, farmed heavily by the night's children, and the Byssian Highlands, where the puun ihmisia hold sway. A godless land, Byssia is home to the most powerful druids and elementalists, as well as the worshipers of Nocthis. They've started to expand through the Tunnel of the Ancestors into the Caldera, the original home of the night's children.


  • Multiple layers of elected judges; legislative power is minimal (except at local level).
  • Heavily village-based.
  • Villages select a judge, groups of village judges select (by region) a couple of senior judges. Senior judges select the High Judge.
  • High Judge, along with Prime Mysteriarch of Nocthis, a druidic representative, and a representative of the Home of the Elements preside over the nation.
  • Large changes in policy get referred to general referendum.


  • Night's children humans (35%)
  • Night's children half-elves (30%)
  • puun ihmisia (30%)
  • others (goblins in the east, refugee humans in the west) (5%)



  • community-focused & democratic (at the local level)
  • strong resistance to imposition of authority
  • distrust of non-druidic divine magic. Elemental focus.
  • disdain for gods and god-worshipers.
  • in touch with the land
  • very little metal use.
  • heavily maritime on Gap-tooth Bay.


See Byss.


Spices, dyes, cotton, rice. Fish. Ironwood products.
metal, silk, non-fish meat.

International relationships

  • Considered backward and stuck in the mud by Wyrmhold. They've had conflicts over the Nocthian Caldera in the past.
  • Considered a back-water by most other nations.
  • Holy Kaelthian Republic uses them as a propaganda point about "godless heathens" being cursed to poverty.