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The family name of a notable Council Lands family, living in the Baile Craan area. The last of that family are a brother and sister, Reginald Coldwind and Katria Coldwind, orphaned by the murder of their parents by Barbed Circle cultists in 204 AC.

Reginald Coldwind

The elder of the two, Reginald is a man in his late 60s. He joined the Sin Eaters in search of the cultists who killed their parents and was captured by them. Katria, working with Fire, Stone, and Cold, freed him and earned the leadership of the family. Reginald chose to follow the Sin Eaters and spend much of the intervening time at True Hold. Recently, he became disenchanted with them and moved to Crisial City where he serves in the local church as a priest of Tor Elan.

Katria Coldwind

Trained as a bard, Katria ran from those who believed she had murdered her parents and fell in with the adventurers of Fire, Stone, and Cold in search of her older brother. Together with that party, she rescued her brother and became acclaimed as the leader of Baile Craan in her early teens. Since then she has overseen the development of Dreamshore from her reconstructed manor outside Baile Craan. When the Duarchy was founded, she and Lord Iseis were chosen as the dual monarchs by popular acclaim. She prefers to let others be the public face, although she has grown into the role of ruler quite well. Now in her late 50s, she has never married.