Crystal Spire Protocols

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Established in the Federated Nations in 238 AC, the Crystal Spire Protocols (CSP) are an international agreement regarding the growing concern about Registered Companies and private adventuring groups. With the pull-back of the Adventurer’s Guild from the front lines of the adventuring trade, private groups had exploded and were acting as quasi-military armed groups. This included holding villages hostage for ransom or extorting tribute.

As a reaction, the CSP was negotiated by Guildmaster Vassarian and the leaders of all the Federated Nations. So far, enforcement has been thorough. There are complaints about the Enforcers being too heavy-handed, however.

Article 1: Ranking and Registration

A ranking system for adventurers is hereby established. All adventurers qualified for B rank or above must be registered with the Adventurer’s Guild and must belong to a Registered Company. Local Company representative must be kept aware of movements and assignments; Guild must be notified if they leave their assigned area.

Ranking System

Rank Level Band Prevalence Magic item allowance Comments
F/Unranked 0-2 1/2 hamlets Common The vast majority of adventurers--these include bandits and other rogue adventurers. Mostly malcontents

who strike out to get rich. Very short average life. Not registered by most companies.

C 3-4 Village Common Initial rank for most companies. Bulk of the forces, will hire F-ranks on the side.
B 5-8 Region Uncommon Regional leaders. Have to be registered with the AG for CSP compliance. Might get issued an uncommon

magic item or two if they haven't picked one up already.

A 9-10 A few per nation Rare Company leaders and elites. Most of these are part of the AG.
S 11+ Legendary Very Rare No active adventurers of this rank are known.

Article 2: Controls on magic use

Magic of 3rd circle or higher is forbidden against other FNC members except by members of the military acting under orders during a declared war. Magic of 5th circle or higher is only allowed under FNC supervision; use in warfare against FNC members prohibited. Use against enemy creatures permitted with restrictions.

Domination magic forbidden, use of charm effects against civilians without consent is criminalized. Creation, summoning, or maintenance of undead or demonic entities is punishable by death without trial.

Article 3: Controls on magic items

"Common" items may be owned by anyone. These are not controlled. Ownership of "uncommon" or above items must be registered with the Guild and is restricted to active members of Registered Companies in good standing. Legendary-quality items require special authorization. Certain national treasures are grandfathered in; these are controlled by the national leadership of the respective countries.

Article 4: Penalties and protocols for punishing rogue adventurers

RCs have an affirmative duty to cooperate with AG enforcers in hunting down adventurers who violate the CSP (honored in the breech, mostly). Banditry, raiding, blackmail, and extortion are criminal acts. Violations of CSP provisions are policed by the Enforcers, who are B & A rank adventurers hired by the AG and given powerful items.