Crystal Spire War

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Notable for being the shortest war in the recorded history of Noefra, the Crystal Spire War was the first civil war in the Council Lands in its twilight years. Occurring on 23 Summer Dawning, 217 AC, it started when a unit of Council troops moved toward the Crystal Spire on their way to garrison Crisial City, then known as Yuuras Zaali. The locals, fearing that the troops were actually coming to institute repressive measures against the liberalized local populace, formed a small army and met them in the shadow of the Spire, intent on repelling them. Before the two sides could enter pitched combat, special forces from the Adventurer's Guild, including the Wild Cards, the Catalysts, and a trio of dragons ( Marcelline, Pygmis Neris, and Atijok), as well as the Flying Free airship descended from the skies and coerced both sides into coming to a peace agreement. The only casualty was one Council soldier, who released his bowstring in his shock at their arrival and cut his wrist badly.

Events leading up to the war

  • migration of gwerin to Crisial City
  • Death of dwarven representatives
  • Revelation that the Oracles were completely corrupt
  • Corrupt selection of new Mining rep.
  • Proclamation of new "law and order" push, as well as new production quotas for regions.
  • Growing disaffection with Council/Guild system

Results of the peace treaty

  • End of council governance.
  • Renaming nation to "Republic of Federated Free Peoples" (a democratic parliamentary republic)
  • Capital moved to Rauviz
  • reduction in status of Temple, Academy
  • abolition of guilds as official powers