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Daemonhost are mortals (usually humans or orcs) who have been bound to a jotnar while still alive. Unlike one of the true demons, they do not have control of this parasite. Creation of daemonhost is taboo in most cultures; only the Dead Walkers of the Great Eastern Dustlands perform this ritual en masse.

Two main groupings exist--those that have formed a reciprocal bond and those for whom the parasite merely provides power until it erupts from them as a full demon on their death. The first gain increased strength, demonic weapons and powerful abilities, but merely die when killed. The second are little better than walking carriers, apt to burst into demon form when slain.

Different types of daemonhosts exist, but the most common are the "raging" ones, those created by cultists of the Red Fang. They emphasize brute strength and acid claws, along with insane ferocity.