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The dragonborn are the last remnants of a race of magically-engineered super-soldier race dating back to 800 BC (before cataclysm). Most of the dragonborn race were believed to have been killed at the final battle of the Cataclysm War, fighting for the civilized world. Since the rediscovery of Wyrmhold, the majority of the dragonborn from the former Council Lands have migrated to that kingdom and been accepted into their clans.

Physical Traits

Dragonborn have different elemental affinities (colors) that are randomly expressed. There is no strong genetic tendency for one color over another.

Female dragonborn tend to be larger (5'10-6'2", 190-250 lbs) than males (5'2"-5'10", 150-200 lbs), but males are more aggressive.

Physically, they appear to be humanoid, scale-covered, tailed people with clawed hands and feet. Their heads have a draconic look, with a snout full of sharp teeth. They have frills and leathery ridges instead of hair. Females tend to have more elaborate frills than males. Their tails are short and stubby and mostly non-functional.

Despite their draconic look, they are warm-blooded mammals that give live birth. Secondary sexual characteristics are minimal, although females do have enlarged breasts and give milk for their children. Their scales are more for show than a proper protective covering, although their skin is relatively insensitive compared to other human-descended creatures.


Dragonborn are magically-altered humans; their ancestors were created by fusing fragments of draconic souls into unborn human children. Since then they have bred mostly true.

Clans of Wyrmhold

The acknowledged aristocracy of Wyrmhold are the six Dragon-born clans. The clans are:

Gal, Clan of Fire

The largest clan, Gal has claimed the capital and surrounding foothills. Proud and powerful, they control most of the government functions. Their flag is a stylized crimson flame, inset into a gold diamond against a black background, with the motto "By Valor and Vigilance".

Byarsh, Clan of Lightning

Byarsh has claimed the southern flank and works with goblin craftsman to create the physical goods and technologies used by the realm. They're relatively high status. Their flag is a silver hand grasping a golden lightning bolt, inset into a golden gear on a field of blue. Their motto is "Victory through Work".

Syra, Clan of Acid

Syra anchors the northern flank in the forests. They're a large clan but low in status as they're considered rural bumpkins. Their flag is a green tree on a brown field. Their motto is "Persevering and faithful".

Khor, Clan of Poison

Alchemists to the State, Khor has produced many new discoveries. This clan is the least involved in the internal politics of the clans. They're weird and they take pride in being weird. Their flag is three black teardrops on a white field. Their motto is "He fails who risks nothing".

Anu, Clan of Cold

The first line of defense against the Hungering Frost was Clan Anu. Living high up in the mountains, this spartan clan has lost the most in the ongoing wars, but has rebounded in the years since the fall of the Frost and has led the retaking of Old Wyrmhold and the rest of their ancestral lands in the Nocthian Caldera.Their status has increased with the popularity of Catalyst Kalesin, who was honorarily made a member of this Clan for her contributions against the Frost. Their flag is a white rising sunburst on a blue field. Their motto is "I stand".

Shakti, Clan of the Queen

Headed by Queen Beatris ka Shakti, Shakti is the ceremonial heart of the nation. Traditionally kept small, the clan consists of the Queen, her Consort Aodh, and their 6 children, as well as their immediate family members. The whole clan numbers about 85 people. Her Majesty is a young Queen, having ascended to the throne about 50 years ago after her mother died during one of the yearly incursions of the Hungering Frost. Now elderly, she has delegated most of the day-to-day duties to her daughter, Elspeth ka Shakti. The royal flag is a crowned golden dragon rampant on a purple field. The motto is "Duty does not rest".


By convention, all dragonborn use names following the pattern <Given> <Status> <Clan>. The clans are described above, and the status marker is either ka for nobles or vo for the common folk.

Common male dragonborn names include: Aodh, Arthfael, Caderyn, Caomh, Cynbel, Cynwrig, Drustan, Judoc, Maedoc, Nechtan, and Seisyll.

Common female dragonborn names include: Abi, Ailsa, Beathag, Catrina, Beitris, Elspeth, Fiona, Iona, Isobel, Jean, Kenna, Lilias, Mhairi, Morven, Seona, Sheona, and Una.