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The region bounded by Sea of Dreams to the north, the Giant Spine Mountains to the east and Kotimaa and Lake Coy'in on the west, with the Sea of Grass and Moon's Vengeance Foothills to the south.

The south-western portion of the area is mostly an extension of the Sea of Grass, while the north-eastern portion is dominated by the Dreamwall Mountains, a new (Cataclysm-era) mountain range that stopped the inrushing Sea of Dreams from washing over the entire area.


Dreamshore ca 250 AC


Dreamshore is almost entirely occupied by the Duarchy of Kotimaa.

Major Cities


  • Sheplyn is situated at the intersection of the Avon-Pact river and the Rabbit Road that connects the two parts of the Duarchy. As such, it's becoming a burgeoning trade town.