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An adventuring party whose adventures started in late 2020, in the in-universe year 250 AC.

Party Members (Alphabetical)

A mysterious crime-fighting kaua, originally from the Kel'tan Empire.
Dilligas Husty 
The loveliest, pluckiest, bard in the North Country.
Man (ok, celestial plane-touched) of mystery, even to himself. Has forgotten whence he came, but there's a certain cat that knows more than it's letting on.
Sargas of Tor-Elan 
Cleric, zealot, chosen of Tor-Elan and the Dawnspire. Soul-forged. With Enigma through Sleeper's End.
Tsun Azur 
Halfling paladin. Devoted to Sakara, but struggling to find his own destiny.
Ahzekiel Cai'Valur 
Grandson of light, unwilling servant of darkness. Struggling for control of self while searching for a missing father.


Axe and Song 
Liberating Honedaxe from the threat of malign adventurers and the demonic forces at Borrowed Song.
Temple and Spire 
Confronting the histories and futures of Sargas and Tsun, plus a pink-eyed foe.
Sleeper's End 
The dashing rescue of elven princesses, plus a trip across the sea and the end of an ancient evil.
Through Strange Eons