Erathi Village

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A village of humans, orcs, and dragon-touched located in the Dragonreach dominion of Shaera. Protected by Erai and T'Por her mate, who have their lair there and interact frequently with the village. About 600 people. Has a large tavern, where Erai hangs out in her blond waitress guise.

Important People

  • Mayor Naomi: human female. A martha type. Rarely gets drunk, is innkeeper and T'por's right-hand-lady.
  • Merchant Tohu: half-orc male. Loud. A weepy drunk.
  • Glassblower chief: Mahlon. Dragon-touched human male. Quiet, reserved. Totally bi and aggressively flirty when drunk.
  • Caravan chief/guard captain: Boaz. Orc (mostly). One Syllable Words. Except when drunk, then he's got a huge vocabulary.