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Eskel was only 10 when he was found by members of the Ukhel tribe. And was a strange sight: a mute, blonde haired boy covered in burns with strange markings along both his arms. He was adopted by Alara Ukhel, sister to the chief. Though he was mute for almost a year, he was sharp and a quick study, teaching himself several languages in an attempt to learn what his markings were while also. He later discovered a book of magic that fueled his desire to learn and opened a new avenue for him to explore his marks, though his growing arcane talents, obsession with the unknown and slight disregard for the tribe's rules, only made him more of a pariah in the tribe. So, when he was older, he left to see the rest of the world and hopefully discover his own history.


Eskel is a fairly calm and level headed person with a slight sarcastic streak that shows around the people he's close to. Though he does have a temper that reveals itself at times. He's also quite the introvert and gets very tense and nervous in larger cities and crowds, often shutting down unless distracted from his discomfort.

Bonds: Keeps two books with him at all times: a journal(full of notes and drawings depicting everything he's learned and seen on his travels that he keeps to himself) and another that he uses for his spell-work. Loves nothing more than a good book. He also adores his adopted sister, Kaiya (Alara's daughter), who was the only person who seemed to understand him even when he didn't speak.

Ideals: Hopes to learn the meaning and purpose behind the marks on his arms and why he was alone when found by the tribe.

Flaws: Has a near obsession with knowledge of any sort. The more obscure or magical, the better. This often leads him to make rash decisions, deals, or bargains that he otherwise wouldn't make.