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Roughly 13,000.
Windwalker Confederacy

Fort Hope is both the center of the Federated Nations (housing the Palace of Nations which serves as the headquarters and meeting area) and the home base of the Windwalker Legion. Since its founding in 206 AC (and the destruction of the undead occupying the fort itself), it has grown significantly and now serves as the only major city in the Windwalker Confederacy and a trading hub, as well as the home of the Adventurer's Academy and the Adventurer's Guild.


Fort Hope


  • Palace of Nations. Once a pre-Cataclysm fort, now home to the Federated Nations establishment.
  • The Academy. The large building is the Academy proper, but teachers and students live behind it. Adventurer's Guild members have subsidized housing in this district.
  • Embassy Row. Contains the embassies and support personnel for the various delegations to the FNC.
  • Trade Town. Shops, merchants, warehouses. Fort Hope is a major trans-shipment point, especially with the Portal Network node here (in the plaza).
  • Windwalker Barracks. Home to the legion. Mostly barracks-style housing and support facilities (including armor repair, etc), although the administrative facilities are also here.


  • Catalyst's Blessing. An Adventurer's Guild run hostelry on the edge of the central square for travelling adventurers on guild business. Well kept, goblin run. Familiar with breakage, loud noises, and other such things.
  • Adventurer's Guild Training facilities. Technically part of the Academy, but open to registered adventurers for training needs. State of the art, including medical services. Located in Academy behind the main academy.
  • Blerp. A somewhat seedy inn outside the north-west wall. Run by a goblin tribe as a collective. They're all identical and named Blerp.