Fractured Coin

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The Tavern's Tale

The Fractured Coin is a tavern in Vaeltaa owned by an unmarried woman and her female business partner. One of the owners, named Eldra, is a jazuu, while the other owner is a wall-builder human named Karen. The human is the head of the local criminal group, and the other is secretly cursed with lycanthropy (rat). Before they owned the tavern, both owners worked there under the previous owner. The inspiration for the tavern's name was a story from the owner's past. It is a tavern of squalid quality, and its main draw is the fact that it's dirt cheap. And the back room has illegal (untaxed) gambling, and there are pit fights in a hidden room below. Any rogue (proficient in Thieves' Cant) can gain access freely, as can anyone with the Criminal background.

The Bartender

One of the owners of The Fractured Coin tends the bar because she enjoys doing the job herself. Her disposition is generally described as terribly energetic. She is ugly with mid-toned skin and shiny hair in a ponytail style. Physically, she is profoundly hairy. Which is weird for a jazuu. She also acts as her own bouncer much of the time, doing so with glee.

The Clientele

On a typical night, the clientele at The Fractured Coin can be described as particularly raucous. On this occasion, there are a few other people currently in the tavern. A couple of them are arguing over how to split the bill.

The Accommodations

The Fractured Coin is just a bar and doesn't have any rooms for rent.