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Founded by the Refuge Seekers to study the new, post-Cataclysm arcane magic environment, Granite-Flame Academy of Wizardry and Music is the foremost and oldest magical academy in the Federated Nations. Since the formation of the Holy Kaelthian Republic, the academy has become more practical in focus.

The primary building dates to 5 AC, and is inhabited by the soul of Katheryn Archmagus, who encoded her soul and had it incorporated as the genius loci on her death in 62 AC. She is not particularly fond of the HKR, but the wizards have put blocks in place so she can't do much about it. In revenge, she has sealed access to the old archives.

Basic Layout


The Academy proper is home to 5 departments, plus a library, while the college has 4 primary departments. These images show the ground-floor layout of the academy (left) and the neighboring bardic college (right). Other images show the upper floors of the academy only.

The departments are:

Energetics: The study of elements, matter, and energy in their purest forms. Also the home of most of the direct offensive magic. The most well-developed department in the HKR era.

Antithetics: The study of defensive and counter-magic. The shield to Energetics' sword. Also substantial.

Vocatetics: The study of summoning, controlling, and banishing extra-planar creatures. As well as a study of the planes themselves.

Auguretics: The study of oracles, farsight, and general information gathering and communication magics.

Substance studies: the smallest department, the two mages and three scholars here study the transformation of different objects (and creatures) into other ones.

The College's departments are

Rhetoric: the study of spoken and written communications, as well as the administrative center.

Historical Musicology: History of music, harmony...and general histories.

Systematic Musicology: Music as magic. As well as a study of the history of magic.

Ethnomusicology: The music of other cultures, including extra-planar ones. And not just music, this is the diplomatic section.

GFA 2.png
Floors 3+. The outer towers have 5 floors total, while the library stops at 3 (plus a rumored "hidden" floor).