Great Rift

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The northern region of the Soefran continent, distinguished by its much lower elevation and extremely steep northern and southern boundary mountains. The Riftwall Mountains separate it from the Solar Highlands and the rest of the continent to the south, while the Broken Range wards off the Primal Sea to the north. Both of these stand nearly 15000 ft (on average) above the rift floor. Small bits of land are found to the north of the Broken Range, and cave complexes span both sets of mountains.


The Great Rift


Most of the rift is equatorial/tropical jungle. The highlands of Ithemba are dryer (being shielded from the rains by the mountains to east and west), and the far eastern area is mostly desert.


This southern Soefran nation has colonized the south-western area of the rift. While it claims much land, it has not settled it (mainly working with and extorting resources out of the local tribes).
Two Moons 
This southern Soefran nation has settled the arid region to the south-east of the rift. Unlike Dusk, it has heavily settled that region.
Located in the central highlands of the rift (merely 10,000 ft below the peaks), the nations of Ithemba have made contact with Noefra.
A small nation dominated by khol-ka (or turtle folk), located in the north-central region. Slow and deliberate, they are a beacon of civilization in the savage areas of the rift.
Ship People 
These sena'ka slavers and pirates have a small foothold on the continent to the north of the Broken Range. Most of their holdings are on the islands in the Primal Sea.
This nation of humans is in constant struggles over the Bay of Ikela with the Ship People.

Most of the area is tribal, dominated by zandolit tribes (among others).