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Located in the north-eastern portion of Noefra, south of the Northern Frostlands, NE of the Great Eastern Dustlands, N of Shaanti, and east of Nirda, the Hagfen is an aggressive region of swamps, moors, and wild vegetation. It seems to act as a single lifeform, always trying to expand its borders. Outsiders are very not welcome--the land itself rises against them with strangling vines, moving swamp channels, and relentless attacks from both the residents and the wildlife (acting in concert).

It gets its name because the Mother Tree at the center of the fen is the patron of all hags and witchlings, trading long life and power in exchange for their hearts, replaced by a parasitic fruit that feeds on particular emotions, transmitting them to the tree. Most hags, however, have never been to the fen itself; they contact the tree via rituals and dreams and the exchange is made via mystic means.