Harmony (Town)

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The most mixed, progressive significant town in the Uulan Confederacy. Founded originally in 185 AC when explorers in the Uulani Underground discovered a natural spring and opening that led to the southern face of the Outer Border Range. As no one felt comfortable leaving an open back door at ground level, the Uulan clan took responsibility for founding and staffing a fort. It stayed small and quiet until after the Crystal Spire War and especially after the formation of the Uulan Confederacy. After the departure of the more forward-thinking dwarven clans to found Shinevog, a desire to not lose all progress gripped the Council of Paragons. They declared that the fortress, now known as Harmony, would serve as the site of a new town--one explicitly founded as a clan-free experiment. Malcontents, starry-eyed dreamers, Those are directed toward Harmony.

In the last 10 years or so, since the Holy Kaelthian Republic became so fanatical, a large number of exiles from that theocracy have travelled through the intermountain wastes and settled near Harmony. This makes the town roughly half-and-half human/dwarven; the neighboring settlement of Devotion is mostly human (and once was a "training camp" for those convicted of not fitting into the HKR).


Population: ~2500, roughly 50/50 human/dwarven.

Industry: Farming and ranching. Due to the more temperate (although still harsh) climate, it is one of the only native sources of food year-round for the Confederacy.


Elected Mayor: Darvin of Fieldtown. Human male, ~45 years old.

Town Council: 15 other individuals elected by the populace. Any individual is allowed to speak at their public meetings. All business is conducted by majority vote.



  • The Red Rock Tavern is an oddity--it's a combination of a tavern, a brewery, and a music venue. Run by one of the only folks from outside the HKR/UC area--a jazuu woman named Ulgah from the Tuura Adam (now estranged). She plays a mean tuba.
  • The Woke-Right Inn, run by a dwarven couple (Alma and Aerith). Two stories.

Blacksmithy: Struck Stone Steel, run by a married dwarf/human couple, Sari and Selma (both women).

Ironshroud outpost (1 squad), led by Sergeant Xekka Uulan-Fuar.

General Goods Merchant: Wayfarer's Drygoods, run by a member of the Rauviz Merchant Consortium.