Heroes of Pactum

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An adventuring party during the 2018-2019 school year.


  • Walker, Soul-forged wizard. Currently wandering Noefra in company of the lich _________ and his lady-love, the nymph __________.
  • Gale, Air plane-touched fighter. Commands an orcish mercenary group in the western lands.
  • Wukong, tiefling warlock. Serves as factotum to the dragon __________ in Ithemba.
  • Timor, dragonborn cleric of Tor Elan. Currently living in a small town near Pactum Grove as the village cleric.
  • Dor, halfling paladin. Currently a barkeep and brewer in a small village on the Sea of Grass.


Redeeming the Lost (Campaign)