Holy Hands

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Chartering Nation
Holy Kaelthian Republic
Lawful Bigoted
disliked outside of HKR
CSP Compliance
None. Watched constantly outside of HKR if moving openly.
Legal privilege in HKR
Typical mission
Work against the blasphemous heathen, either rooting out heretics or aiding agents in other nations.
HKR, CK, Uulan, Duarchy
White hand on green field. Palm forward. Officers have circled cross on palm. Badge is white hand.

The not-so-secret police of the Holy Kaelthian Republic, the Holy Hands are tasked with ensuring order within that nation and with assisting in efforts to expand the knowledge of the true way to other nations. This does not make them well liked elsewhere. In fact, Holy Hand agents do not openly identify as such--if discovered they either suffer unfortunate accidents or are expelled.