Holy Kaelthian Republic

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  • Theocratic republic, much like Iran
  • Regional vote elects 24-member Senate which select Chancellor (Head of Government). High priests have significant pull and back-door veto power. Chancellor must have approval of Head Lecturer and Head of Oracles as well.
  • Towns and cities elect Mayor + Council under oversight of local Ecclesiarch or seated priests.
  • Villages and below work communally, almost pure democracy. Acolytes have significant persuasive power but little direct power (except as informants to higher-ups).


  • Wall-builder humans. Plurality (~45%).
  • Wall-builder halflings. Significant minority (35%).
  • Dwarves. 18%
  • Others (a few high elves, mostly). 2%


See Church of the Seasons. Almost everyone belongs and at least pretends devotion. Strongly evangelistic.


  • Strongly communal and devout. Sticking out is discouraged. Live by the consensus of your neighbors.
  • Non-monogamous. Communities raise children together and share partners. Even the dwarves (who still have life partners) aren't nearly as rigid about it (no divorce, but no adultery stigma either).
  • Everyone works. Begging and thievery are BAD THINGS that get you sent to re-education camps. Which are mostly labor/training+preaching. Repeated refusal to work honestly results in exile.
  • No privacy. Everyone talks to the priests about everything and records are kept.
  • Criminal behavior is punished harshly; anti-social behavior (defying consensus) is considered the worst.
  • Temple or shrine is the center-point of village/town life.


See Kaelthia.


fibers, grain, beef and pork. Arcane items are a specialty. Major trade routes to Shinevog and Zhapai Karmap run through the HKR. Spidersilk is only produced in the HKR.
Lumber products. Dyes, fur and leather, and spices. Unworked metal and specialty metal products. Non-magical technology.

International relationships

  • Generally poor. As a hyper-religious, conformist nation with a history of being pushy, most other nations are wary of it.
  • Especially poor with the Crisial Kingdom and the Duarchy. Too much history and bad blood between them.
  • Considered "suspect" by the Adventurer's Guild.
  • No active war, just enhanced border checks (on both sides).