Inner Border Range

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A sheer, narrow, almost semi-circular ring of mountains stretching along the entire border of the Moon Sea from the Dragonreach in the east all the way down to the Jungle of Fangs in the west. Many high peaks, but the average elevation isn't much over 8000-9000 ft. Separated into three ranges:

  • Inner Dragon Range. The eastern border. Not much is known about this by westerners. Said to be inhabited by monstrosities, with rogue giant-kin tribes living in the valleys.
  • Vengeance Range. This is the northern section, walling off the land pass to Moon's Fall Vengeance. No known passes exist through it. Explorers report that it is comprised of sheer, 10000-14000 ft-high glassy cliffs. In the heights, strange beasts have been seen to circle, but there is no other sign of life.
  • Serpent Range. Much lower and more hospitable, this forms the eastern border of the Jungle of Fangs. Populated by tribal humans in the north, the great city of Ar Salem Dolem in the middle, and the various dwarven tribes (both surface-dwelling, gryphon-riding ones and underground, religious zealots) in the south.