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When the First Wish broke the Titans' runic reign and caused them to degenerate, two major peoples resulted from choices made. The dwarves are the more common (at least in Noefra) of the two; the giant kindred are the others. The name the learned use for the giant kindred is the jazuu, the Written People. While most people in the Federated Nations believe that the jazuu belong to multiple races, the truth is more complicated.

Regions and Cultures


The Oelfran continent is home to the vast majority of jazuu. They dominate the southern portion and have constructed major cities. As of 250 AC, nothing is known more about this content or its cultures; what is known comes from fragmentary records indicating that the continent is home to jazuu, dwarves, goblinoids, and a very few humans who migrated during the 3rd Age. The records speak of the seemingly-ageless Storm Emperor who rules from a floating palace above the clouds and cities housing peoples of gigantic proportions carved out of mountains.

Nocthian Caldera

On Noefra, there are two regions with significant Jazuu populations. The first is in the west on the Nocthian Caldera. Frost giants have been encountered as part of the Hungering Frost, so the Federated Nations believes that a significant populace of jazuu serves the master of that frigid host. Expeditions into the caldera in 211 and 212 AC discovered significant jazuu populations, as well as scattered true giants. The Night's Children also have no records of a Titanwall (see below) in that area, so how they're creating more (if they are) frost giants is unknown, but it is believed that Isskap created them in her icy kingdom.

Giant Spine Mountains

Main Article: Tuura Adam

The second (and more well-known) population is in the Giant Spine Mountains on the north-eastern border of the Sea of Grass. Here a nation that calls themselves the Tuura Adam (True People) inhabits the valleys and peaks of this harsh land. Friendly relationships have been maintained with this group, especially between this group and the rulers of Zhapai Karmap and Shinevog.

Racial Traits

Two main groups are present in Noefra--the Tuura Adam in the Giant Spine Mountains and the remnants of those that followed the Hungering Frost in the Nocthian Caldera.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. Jazuu develop slower than humans and live longer. They are adult by age 20 and live to about 110 years.
Size. Your size is Medium, but jazuu are considerably larger than humans. They stand 6’6” to 8’ tall on average and weigh between 250 and 400 pounds.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Languages. You speak Common and Too-til (giantish).
Powerful Build. You count as one size larger for determining the weight you can lift, drag, or push and your encumbrance doubles.
High-Mountain Acclimation. You are acclimated to high altitudes and cold conditions.


Your ancestors followed (willingly or not) Isskap when she invaded the mortal realm in about 120 AC. Your people have lived in the Nocthian Caldera ever since. Once the Frost was vanquished, your people joined Clan Anu of Wyrmhold, and with them the rest of the Federated Nations. Your people prize physical prowess above all and are unusually tolerant of the cold.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2.
Frost tolerance. You have resistance to cold damage.
High-mountain Runner. You have proficiency in Athletics.
Strength of Mountains. Once when you are hit by an attack, you can reduce the damage taken by 1d12 + your Constitution modifier. You regain the use of this trait when you finish a long rest.

Tuura Adam

The people of Tuura Adam live among giants and desire nothing more to undergo the titanwall transformation, becoming one of the large folk. To do this, they train the whole self and compete to be the best possible at their chosen skills. They follow the Code, a written document describing what it means to be perfect, obsessively.

Ability Score Increase. One ability score of your choice increases by 2.
Tool Master. Choose one type of artisans tool. When making a check that allows proficiency in that tool, you can add twice your proficiency bonus instead.
High-Mountain Survivor. You have proficiency in Survival.
By the Code. Once when you have to make an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw, you can instead replace the d20 roll with 10 (and add any modifiers as usual). You must make this choice before you roll. You regain the use of this trait when you finish a long rest.

The Titan Transformation

When a jazuu attains high enough status (including having fathered/born multiple children), he or she may be eligible for gigantification. This is the process whereby a set of runic commands and powers is imposed on the individual, transforming them into a true giant. This ritual process has several requirements:

It can only happen at a Titanwall. These huge, semi-circular arcs of stone are covered in runic writing dating back to the Titans and the First Wish. Very few intact specimens remain--there is only a single complete Titanwall on Noefra (plus maybe 6-8 incomplete or damaged walls, some of them much too hazardous to use).

The ritual requires the willing participation of four individuals of the same station as the candidate (so jazuu for the first transformation, etc). These candidates are forever ineligible for the transformation ritual, although they can stand as ritualists for future candidates. Doing so increases the risk of a faulty transformation, however. This limit puts strong barriers to the number of true giants that can be created.

The ritual requires extreme endurance, both from the candidate and from the ritualists. This is especially true of the first transformation. Failure to complete the first block of "code" results in a malformed creature (an ogre, a troll, an ettin, or something else) or simply results in the death of the candidate. The code is presented below--text after # marks are comments.

GROW IN STRENGTH, SIZE # failure here results in an ogre or ettin. Big, strong, dumb. 
LIVE FOR LONG DURATION # failure here tends to be fatal
HUNGER BE SATISFIED # failure here results in a troll. Big, strong, long-lived, always hungry.
BECOME # success here results in an ettin
BECOME # hill giants
BECOME # Stone giants end here
BECOME # Frost giants end here
BECOME # Fire giants
BECOME # Cloud Giants
BECOME # no one has succeeded in this stage since the Titans. Storm giants came close and are seriously powerful, but seriously rare

True giants gain extended life, increased size and strength, and freedom from the hunger/physical drives that would normally accompany such an increase in mass. While they do eat, they don't need much food (only slightly more than a regular jazuu) and mainly do so for taste and pleasure. The higher giants don't eat much at all; they are sustained by the runes and their imperatives. One side effect is that true giants are all sterile and generally (but not always) lack sexual urges. Those that retain such urges are considered strange by their peers. Giant-kin (the failed ones) are not sterile and breed true (hence the plague of ogres and the like). Those that fail are exiled or killed.