Jinse City

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The ancient capital of the Jinse Empire, what remains of the eastern of the two Great Empires of the Third Age. Still by far the largest city on the Noefran continent at nearly 200,000 people, it sits at the delta of three great rivers--the Jin, the Luo Ye, and the Huang Sho, surrounded by farmland that mostly goes to feed the maw of the city.

Ruled by 7 great lucian-born (aka tieflings) families with ties to 7 of the lucian Families, Jinse is a city swarming with devils and devil summoners. Seeing a hell-bred on the streets is common--imps serve their "masters" and sit on shoulders, while succubi staff some of the houses of joy. In reality, the devils are in charge and the families are merely their anchors in the Mortal plane.