Lupaus Plains

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The region of grasslands and rolling hills west of Lake Coy'in, east of the Kairen Mountains, south of the Fiach Wood, and north of the Villi Hills.


Lupaus Plains


The Lupaus Plains have a continental climate, with the east (near the lake) being the warmer and wetter areas. Summers are hot and dry, winters are cold with significant snow. Strong winds blow year-round. The land slopes downward toward the lake, but only gently. Very few trees grow on the plain, mostly in stream-beds and other sheltered areas.


Most of the plain is claimed by the Crisial Kingdom. This is contested to the west by Wyrmhold and to the south by the Windwalker Confederacy, but only at the borders.


The only notable permanent settlements on the Lupaus Plain are at Vaeltaa (in the central plains) and at Ineg'and near the border with Southshore.

The Horse Clans maintain a winter settlement at Pyhin and consider Talvi to be sacred. Neither of those locations are open to outsiders. In fact, non-Horse Clan people are not welcome within several days travel of those areas.