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Dreams of Hope

A living campaign setting designed for the Fifth Edition of the world's most popular role-playing game, Dreams of Hope extends and continues the story of Quartus after the Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm and its Aftermath

250 years ago, a terrible magical cataclysm shattered the continent of Noefra (and most of the world of Quartus). Magic, both arcane and divine, stopped working and the Old Gods sacrificed themselves in an attempt to keep the world from disintegrating. Even with this sacrifice, storms, earthquakes, and other calamities swept the land. Almost 80% of the population of the continent died either immediately or over the next few years. When the magic returned 50 years later, it was different. New gods had arisen and spell-casters of all types had to re-learn their art. The survivors had retreated to isolated areas, convinced that they alone survived the Cataclysm.

A Spark of Hope

A little more than 45 years ago, a group of heroes known as the Catalysts convinced the five major countries of the western half of Noefra to coordinate their efforts—and so the Federated Nations council was born. With it came the founding of the Adventurer’s Guild, an international problem-solving organization that handles requests from citizens and governments alike.

For many years, all was well. The fall of the Hungering Frost in 211 AC gave Wyrmhold a breath of hope. The Devil's Rebellion in the southern part of the Stone Throne was suppressed after adventurers gave advance warning. New cities were founded, including Shinevog and Zhapai Karmap. Godsfall was liberated, letting the Archon of Time and The Redeeming Blades ascend. Adventurers made friendly contact through the Portal Network to Ithemba on the Soefran continent.

Rising Tensions

By 230 AC, however, the internal stresses on several of the Federated Nations member states had grown beyond repair. The Council Lands was especially troubled, but the Stone Throne suffered discontent as well. In 227 AC, a coup attempt by the deposed Guildmasters of the former Council Lands led to civil war. That war ended in 230 AC with the Treaty of Rauviz and the dissolution of the Council Lands into five nations: the Holy Kaelthian Republic, the Crisial Kingdom, the Uulan Confederacy, the Free State of Rauviz, and the Duarchy of Kotimaa. A few years later, the Stone Throne disassociated more peacefully into three nations: the Sha'slar Autonomous Zone in the north, Asai'ka in the central Jungle of Fangs, and the Serpent Dominion in the south by Lake Thom. While Byssia and Wyrmhold did not break up, they have internal tensions of their own and especially tensions between themselves and between themselves and the other nations.

In this unsettled time were born the Registered Companies--mercenary adventuring organizations chartered by each nation. Ranging from the large, corporate Golden Banner company to the strange and obsessive Selan's Seekers to the quasi-spy organization known as the Holy Hands, these companies employ adventurers of all ranks and attitudes. Those adventurers who belong to a company--a requirement of the Crystal Spire Protocols (CSP)--are titled Registered Adventurers. As a result of all of this, the Adventurer’s Guild reconfigured itself to provide mainly policing support. They and their Sanctioned Adventurers keep the Registered Companies in line with the CSP and keep the Portal Network open and functioning.

Registered Adventurers

What are Registered Adventurers? In Earth terms, they're something like a cross between a Special Forces team and a private security contractor or mercenary. Their chains of command are loose and once unleashed on an objective they are free to pick their own methods of resolution. Most of their pay comes from what they acquire in the field--they keep what they loot. Their potential for growth can quickly leave them among the most personally powerful individuals as well as quite wealthy and they tend to retire after a few campaigns. Or die. For the risks they face are great. Abandoned temples to unknown gods, dragons' lairs, demon-summoning cults, hideous monsters, deadly traps. These are the everyday challenges facing a Registered Adventurer. Are you up for the challenge?

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Resources for Players

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Open Quest Seeds (these are campaign starters. Mainly an invitation to adventure in a particular location and a "main quest" to follow if you're looking for something.