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Lady of Mercy

Usual Depiction
A white-haired woman, neither old nor young. Her eyes are silver. She is dressed in a simple floor-length gown with a fur mantle over it. Usually depicted facing a kneeling figure (exact details vary), wiping a tear from the figure’s eye with one hand on its head.
The Handmaiden
Worshiped as part of the Seasonal Four in the Council Lands, especially by the elderly (especially women). Clergy are often responsible for grave upkeep. Only rarely worshipped in the Dynasty, due to associations with winter. Her temples are simple with only a simple altar (always covered with a lace-work snowflake cover). Her clergy often spend their younger years as traveling healers and grave-tenders. They retire to stationary shrines when they’re too old to travel. While they do not take vows of poverty, they do live simple lives. Her clergy are also always trained in combat, emphasizing anti-undead skills. Offerings to her are focused on memorializing the dead. Stories of their lives, simple incense, things like that. Her clergy accept food and shelter in exchange for healing and grave-tending, never money.
Religious Precepts
Honor the dead, learn from the past. Suffer not the necromancer or his spawn to live. Live quietly. Grant mercy to the defeated living; protect those that are weak. As the snow protects the winter wheat, preserve life with all its potential. Lay the undead to rest. Suffer not the lich to live. Respect the dead and their resting places.