Moon's Fall Vengeance

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Once the center of the aelvar empire during the Second Age, the region known as Moon's Fall Vengeance (MFV) is a blasted, nigh uninhabitable peninsular wasteland of black glass storms, magic run amok, and twisted life.


Considered the boundary between Eastern and Western Noefra, the peninsula known as MFV is located south of the Ringwall mountains, east of the Jungle of Fangs, and west of the enigmatic Dragonreach. Approachable overland via a narrow neck of volcanic ground, and with the western Moon Sea being known for treacherous currents and glass storms, very few have visited the area since the Cataclysm.


The surface of MFV is largely covered by sheets and fragments of black glass, formed ages ago at Moon's Fall by the interaction of the impact of the fallen moon and the arcane weapons used to attempt to deflect it. What life there is exists in the cracks, ravines, and underground caves. A few areas around the perimeter have healed, mainly due to the dedicated effort of goroesi groups. But their efforts are limited in scope. Further inland, the damage gets worse and only the deep caverns hold sane life. A spine of mountains and volcanoes extends down the center of the peninsula, and other volcanic areas dot the land

The whole area is heavily under the influence of the Plane of Lava as well as wild magic and extensive pockets of demonic influence.

Notable Places

The MFV Tower of Trials 
Located about a day from Yondar near the main tunnel route back toward Oldhome.
An encampment/village of archonic goroesi on the north west coast, dedicated to healing the land.
A village of non-archonic goroesi on the north-western coast near the main spine. Known for being dedicated to strength and not belonging to the community of seers.
A colony of pirates located on the western shore.
The central city of the archonic goroesi, located deep under the central mountain range.