Mother Tree

From Dawn of Hope
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The corrupt, beating heart of the Hagfen and the source of all hags. Standing nearly half a mile tall, it is visible from quite a ways. No one knows where it came from or what it is, really. It seeks out those who hunger, who experience extremely strong emotions and offers them power in exchange for their hearts. It implants a seed in their breast, granting them access to its exchange for being fed constantly in the emotion. Rarely are these emotions positive--even the ones that started that way are warped into something dark and destructive over time. It is whispered that eventually, should one realize their desire, the seed will sprout and convert the person into a daughter tree...

Scraps of ancient legend say that the tree has been utterly obliterated many times and has always regrown within a few years, reaching its original height as if nothing had happened. Some say that one can hear it laughing: "as long as there is darkness in the mortal heart, I will live and have fertile ground to plant my seeds..."