Nocthian Caldera

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The Nocthian Caldera dominates the landscape of the western quarter of the Noefran continent. The remnants of an ancient, extinct super-volcano, the caldera floor is approximately 500 miles in diameter, with an average altitude of 5000-7000 feet. Strong elemental influences keep the climate inside the caldera habitable, although it is known for heavy snow during the winter.


Nocthian Caldera, 250 AC


Wyrmhold Reborn 
Part of the expansion of Wyrmhold into its ancestral territories, this has absorbed Old Wyrmhold (still not entirely cleaned out from the undead presence) as well as the surrounding jazuu and barbegazi tribal groups.
New Nocthia 
Byssia has expanded through the Tunnel of the Ancestors into the southern region, with an eye to reclaim the whole caldera for Nocthis. Their expansion has been slower, in large part due to more hostile surrounding tribes.
Wolf's Head 
a tribal alliance of barbegazi and jazuu, these are heavily hostile to invaders.
Lake Kyol 
a lake composed of runoff. Extremely cold. Home to dangerous creatures.
Ogre Plains 
Broad plains in the western portion, occupied mostly by giant-kin.
Beker Forest 
Covering the western edge and extending down the Midnight Pass into the Frozen Coast, these are heavily occupied by jazuu tribes. They have little contact with outsiders, but are relatively unfriendly and xenophobic.
Cursed Fens 
the swampy area surrounding Mt Nyx is still twisted by the influence of Broken Order. Strange creatures prowl here and the area is considered taboo to the local tribes.
Mt Nyx 
The central secondary volcano rising from the floor of the caldera. Extensively tunneled, first by the Nocthians during the 3rd Age, then expanded by barbegazi tribes during the occupation by the Hungering Frost. Many treasures still exist here and in the surrounding ruins of Nighthold. But access is extremely dangerous.