Outer Border Range

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The outer of the two rings of mountains created by the impact of the Third Moon at the end of the 2nd Age. Generally considered to be that section from the Uulan Gap east until it ends into the Primal Sea in the Dragonreach.

Composed of multiple smaller chains of mountains, the Outer Border Range is not as sheer nor as lifeless as the Inner Border Range, but has peaks well over 14,000 ft and an average elevation well over 8,000 ft.


The Ladyfrost Mountains
These are the central mountains, roughly due south of the Giant Spine Mountains, bordered by the Great Eastern Dustlands to the east and the Uulan Range to the west. The lesser mountains are inhabited by tribal groups of jazuu and humans, with occasional ihmisi and orcs thrown in for good measure.
The Uulan Range
These are the western mountains, the new homeland for central Noefra's dwarven population. Extensively tunneled and with the valleys filled with agriculture, these are the most "civilized" of the Outer Border Range
The Outer Dragon Range
These are the part of the mountains in the Dragonreach. Not much is known about them.


The largest and most notable city in the Outer Border Range is Fuar Uulan of the Uulan Confederacy. Other dwarven cavern cities exist as well.


The north side of the range is windy and wet, with hot summers and cold, wet winters. Extreme weather is common. The south side is arid and known for extremely variable weather with storms, high winds, and strange occurrences. Few live there willingly.