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The Kel'tan (or Phoenix) Empire is the dominant power in Soefra. A mageocratic theocracy centered around an "immortal" Phoenix Emperor, it has become decadent and insular over the last 250 years.

It occupies the Solar Highlands region, but has client states to both east and west.

WIP facts

  • Founded by <placeholder>, a surviving member of a collateral branch of the Aelvar imperial line after Moon's Fall and the sundering of Soefra from Noefra.
  • Same family has ruled. In fact, the emperor is actually the son of the first emperor, preserved through magic (see below). The name "Kel'tan" means Immortal Phoenix and is the dynastic name.
  • All of the nobles are related to the current emperor, often along multiple lines.
  • Strongly stratified society
    • Emperor
    • Pure-blood nobles (all bearing the title of Prince or Princess)
    • Pure-blooded commoners (those who can't trace their lines to the emperor) -- these are the "free people" or yeomen and have some rights.
    • Magebred -- these are those whose genetics have been altered by magic. These belong to nobles. Two classes: Greater and Lesser. Greater magebred can be taught wizardry, while lesser cannot legally be instructed in the secrets.
      • Gwerin magebred -- "half-breeds". Greater. Treated almost like pure-blooded commoners, as long as they don't show obvious signs of their alterations. The bulk of the magebred populace. Workers, etc.
      • Chaukeedar overseers. Greater. These are the highest of the non-gwerin types and act like it.
      • Sena'ka legions. Greater. Bred for war and guarding. Heavily indoctrinated from birth.
      • <kenku> spies. Lesser. Spies, secret agents, and messengers. Live in large flocks that owe allegiance to a noble family. Often fanatically loyal.
      • <aarokocra> artists. Lesser. Kept as artists, singers, etc. Treated like decorative objects.
      • Beast races. Those who are even less humanoid. Field slaves.
  • The empire controls 3 Portal Network endpoints: one in <capital city> and one near each of the eastern and western edges in <eastern city> and <western city>. Access is strictly restricted to the reigning nobles of those areas and the access procedure is highly obfuscated.