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The playable races of the setting are (sub-races are included unless specifically excluded):

PHB variant not allowed. Most common race by far. Major populations exist in all nations except Wyrmhold.
Common in the Holy Kaelthian Republic, Shinevog, and Zhapai Karmap. Uncommon but not unknown in the Serpent Dominion. Rare otherwise.
Puun Ihmisia (wood elves) are common in Byssia, the Duarchy, and Zhapai Karmap. Gwerin (high elves) are only common in the Crisial Kingdom. Second note: wood elven and high elven are different languages. Choose one if you choose Elven as a language.
Only common in the Holy Kaelthian Republic, but present in the Crisial Kingdom and the Sha'slar Autonomous Zone as well, especially in agricultural areas. Rare. Strongly matriarchal society--men are comparatively rare.
Common in Byssia and all 3 of the nations of the former Stone Throne. Present in all 5 of the Council Lands Successor States but not common.
Full-blooded orcs use these stats; half-orcs per se don't exist. Very common in Wyrmhold and the Duarchy. Uncommon or rare elsewhere.
Dragonborn (all colors4)
Rare but more common as adventurers. Very common (dominant, in fact) in Wyrmhold. Not found elsewhere. Mostly related to one another (small, clannish population). Add Darkvision (60 ft) and can choose either +2 DEX or +2 STR. Breath weapon is a bonus action.
Rare, skips generations. They occur everywhere humans are found. Can use any of the published variants except Feral (Winged).
Plane-touched (Homebrew1)
Elemental plane-touched are mostly from Byssia, although others are starting to pop up elsewhere. Astral plane-touched are rare and most common in the Successor States.
Hobgoblins (Homebrew2)
Either from Wyrmhold or the Windwalker Confederacy. Mistrusted by populations where they're not native. Ignore the lore presented in the book.
Ophidians (Homebrew2)
Humanoids with snake-like influences. Only present in the nations of the Jungle of Fangs. 2nd-class citizens in Asai'ka.
Soul-forged (Homebrew) 
Present in southern Wyrmhold or Byssia. Very new race, may get startled reactions elsewhere.
Sher-ka (Homebrew2)
Anthropomorphic cats from Ithemba on the south continent.
Udaaka (Homebrew2)
Winged bird-people from Ithemba on the south continent
Jazuu (Homebrew2)
Large, competitive, mountain people related to giants. From Zhapai Karmap or Wyrmhold.

If you use the variant race option for applicable races (marked with 4), you may choose an extended background from Player Option--Regional Backgrounds.

Options from "Customizing Your Origin" (TCoE) are not allowed. Use the variant races and backgrounds instead.

[1]: Acceptable alternate stats for the astral plane-touched are found in Volo's Guide to Monsters; alternate stat blocks for elemental plane-touched are found in the Elemental Evil Player's Companion (free pdf).

[2]: Acceptable alternate stats for these races are found in Volo's Guide to Monsters.

[3]: Acceptable alternate stats for this race are found in Eberron: Rising from the Last War.

[4]: Main stats are found either in the SRD or in the Player Option--Variant Races document.

Classes and Archetypes

All PHB and Xanathar's Guide classes and archetypes are allowed. From Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, all archetypes except Stars Druid, all the sorcerer archetypes, and the scribe wizard. Non-elf bladesingers are fine. Note that necromancy (specifically creation of undead) is frowned on strongly. Other UA or homebrew requires permission. Spells from Elemental Evil (pdf), Xanathar's Guide, and Tasha's Cauldron of Everything (except for dream of the blue veil) are allowed.

To learn more about the role of the classes (and their NPC equivalents) in Dreams of Hope, see Classes and Quartus.

Technology and Magic Levels

Magic is common, but permanent magic items are rare. Furthermore, ownership of uncommon or rarer items is restricted by the Adventurer’s Guild. There is no ability to purchase most permanent magical items. Potions and other consumable magical items are purchasable in the larger cities.

Tool uses from Xanathar's Guide are in play, as are downtime rules.


  • Formal alignment is not in force—this goes for NPCs as well. Not all orcs are evil; neither are chromatic dragons (by default anyway).
  • Don’t be a jerk. Repeated evil behavior will get your character exiled or killed.
  • Build characters that have a reason to be with the group. This is a group game and there is no room for unhelpful loners.
  • Keep things PG. Profanity is discouraged. Sexual content will never be explicit (fade-to-black). Violence should never be graphically described.
  • PvP actions are forbidden and will not be allowed. This includes passive-aggressive actions and (non-consensual) theft from party members.

House Rules

See Default Houserules.


Most citizens of the Federated Nations area speak Common of one dialect or another. This does not include most goblins or orcs not from Wyrmhold. All characters start with proficiency in Common. For Elven, choose either high elven or wood elven. For more information, see Languages of Western Noefra

Quick Cosmology Guide

See Quick Planar Cosmology Guide

Gods and Religions Guide

See Player's Guide--Nations and Cultures.

Area Map

West Noefra Political Map