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Nations and Civilizations of Western Noefra

Political areas of Western Noefra, ca 250 AC

The Federated Nations Council

Established in 204 AC through the actions of the Catalysts (a group of adventurers-turned-heroes), the FNC serves as an opportunity for the four nations (and one tribal group) that occupy Central-Western Noefra to communicate and solve problems peacefully. Each member nation has two representatives. The representatives from the Wind-walker Goblin Collective chair the council as neutral parties. It is headquartered at Fort Hope in the central plains along with the Adventurer's Guild.

The Adventurer's Guild and Adventurers

Main article: Adventurer's Guild

Once a part of the Council Lands and composed of convicted criminals given a second chance, the Adventurer's Guild has been given to the FNC as the problem-solving arm of the council. Now a voluntary organization that draws from all the nations, it has been given the responsibility to oversee the adventurers and Registered Companies. Most of the actual adventuring and request-fulfillment is now done by those adventurers in their companies. These adventurers go out and discover new things, handle problems for both individuals and governments, and generally act as the lubricant of Noefran civilization.

Nations of the Council

Located in the central region of the Jungle of Fangs, this wealthy nation has become dominated by religion and money.
Trapped between the Mountains of Night and the Gap-tooth Bay, this nation is home to elves and humans. Known for their refusal to worship the Congregation, they are the foremost practitioners of the druidic arts. To the east is the savage Blood-thirst Wildlands; to the west is Auringon and the threat of the Tlalocana lurking in the south around the bay.
Crisial Kingdom
Founded on the southern shore of Lake Coy'in from the union of part of the Council Lands with the Horse Clans of the Lupaus Plains, the Crisial Kingdom strives to be a shining light to the world, showing the beneficial side of arcane magic, mixed with benevolence.
The Duarchy of Kotimaa
Covering the region to the north of the Sea of Grass as well as part of Kotimaa, the Duarchy is really two nations, united in their desire not to be ruled by anyone else. From the variegated peoples of Godsfall to the proud nobles of Dreamshore, the Kotimaans are a sturdy lot with much history (mostly in ruins).
The Free State of Rauviz
A merchant-run city-state on the eastern shore of Lake Coy'in, Rauviz is a center of trade and has taken the mantle of most cosmopolitan city. All types can be found here, and anything can be bought and sold.
The Holy Kaelthian Republic
Covering the Sea of Grass and down into the badlands of Moon's Fall Vengeance, the wall-builders of the HKR believe in faith and community. A theocratic republic, they believe themselves led by the gods. Their neighbors aren't so sure.
The Serpent Dominion
The southernmost of the nations of the Jungle of Fangs, the SD is a caste-oriented, very religious nation of humans, half-elves, and ophidians. They've started expanding into the Blood-thirst Wildlands to the west across Coiled Rock Bay.
Sha'slar Autonomous Zone
Theoretically a military dictatorship, the SAZ is the northern of the three nations of the Jungle of Fangs. In reality, it has little centralization and most of its towns act independently, more like a bunch of allied city-states. Optimistic and welcoming, the SAZ is growing rapidly.
The Uulan Confederacy
Buried under the Ringwall Mountains to the east of the Sea of Grass, the UC is a dwarven-dominated collection of clan-holds and associated hangers-on. Traditional and rock-ribbed, the Uulanites dare the waves of change break themselves on their stony selves--they will abide it all.
Emerging from nearly 100 years of existential struggle against an implacable foe, the dragonborn, orcs, and goblins of Wyrmhold have taken to expanding in all directions. The most technologically-advanced nation, the Wyrmholders are focusing most of their attention onto the Nocthean Caldera.

Other Nations

The Abandoned Clans
Dwarven survivors of the Cataclysm and betrayal, the Abandoned have carved out a niche in the Giant Spine Mountains. Considered barbaric by most, their society glorifies greed and physical strength.
A small nation of high elves and humans, the Auringon lived in peace for generations on the Lost Coast. Recently, a wave of refugees fleeing the expansionist Tlalocana have upset their order. They have also come into contact with the Federated Nations.
A literal city state, Khaimal only claims the land within the walls of the formerly-ruined city of Hammerhead. Xenophobic, these blazing dwarf-cousins refuse all contact with the outside with extreme predjudice.
A myth. Whispered only among the criminal element of Asai'ka, this underground civilization of dark-skinned elves supposedly exists under the badlands of Moon's Fall Vengeance.
Founded by dwarves from Fuar Uulan who rejected the traditional ways, this city-state in the foothills of the Giant Spine Mountains believes in progress at any cost.
The Ship People
Dwelling on the islands in the Primal Sea, these are pirates and slavers. They've established a small foothold at Marchnad Duu at the southern tip of the Jungle of Fangs; their treaty gives them access but denies them the right to raid or trade slaves there.
Tuura Adam
The mountain people, this nation of jazuu lives by their Code in the Giant Spine Mountains. Not numerous, but skilled, they mainly keep out of the business of the lowland nations.
Zhapai Karmap
The Wild Hold, founded in 212 by the Wild Cards on the site of an abandoned dwarven hold, lives up to its name. It is a haven for those who do not fit elsewhere. Especially if their misfit nature has gotten them in trouble. They extend refuge to anyone who can live up to their few, but exceedingly harsh laws. Considered a rogue state by most other nations for their inability to play nice and accept constraints on their freedoms,