Pyrrha Kelshanne

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Pyrrha and her brother, Igni, were found in the north-eastern Dreamwall Mountains by Elder Luca Kelshanne, who adopted them. They were raised by Luca and Kela Rivan-Kelshanne, their father and papa respectively. Upon reaching maturity, the two participated in the Rite of Flame, which had to do with getting the Firebird’s blessing.

In Pyrrha’s ritual, something happened to where the Firebird was gone and Igni disappeared. She’s trying to find out what happened and find Igni. Along the way, she met Eskel and grabbed him as a bodyguard/travel buddy. Eventually, she met Kuo and Yonas. She likes journalling and collecting plants/rocks/flowers to put in her journal of the places that she visits (pressing flowers). And she tries to connect to different trees (will help with Transport Via Plants) and wildlife where she goes. She wants to ‘try everything’, so she will often get into shenanigans with Kuo and Yonas. Despite her petite appearance, she is pretty strong.

Appearance: 5’5 petite woman with fair skin and reddish-orange hair. Often likes to put flowers in her hair if she can find them. She wears mariner reinforced leather armor that has some blue patterns.

Bonds: Friends, Igni, her dads, Wylda, elemental fox-kin Reed, and Cinder (Fire Cat)

Ideals: Pyrrha wants to find her brother and help her friends, but her ideals are to try everything. Being from a sheltered background, she wants to see everything and try new things. And help people. Everyone deserves help, beast or humanoid.

Flaws: She tends to enable people and avoid conflict in-party.