Quan Pei

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The counterpart to Tibor Imperia on the eastern half of Noefra during the Third Age. Unlike that western empire, Quan Pei did not fall until the Cataclysm ripped their god-kings out from under them. And even then, the Jinse Empire has good claim to be the successor to that great empire.

Ruled by a succession of gods-made-flesh (actually mortals worshiped as deities) who claimed to speak for the Golden Aspects, Quan Pei was both aristocracy and theocracy. Divided into a multitude of provinces ruled by bureaucrats and relatives of the god-emperors, it muddled along for millennia without serious incident. After initial unsuccessful attempts to expand into the Dragonreach, a treaty was formed between the flights of that area and the god-emperors.

The capital was always at the Golden City, now known as Jinse City.