Refuge Seekers

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An adventuring party who were active at the Cataclysm. Under their leadership, the refugees fleeing the Cataclysm from the Flower Kingdom and surrounding areas founded first Kaelthia then the Council Lands.


Marcia (Dragon)
A dragonborn sorceress, she was transformed into a true dragon by divine blessing in the days before the Cataclysm.
Katheryn Archmagus
A human wizard, she later founded the Granite-Flame Academy.
Rageborn Colossus
A jazuu barbarian, forever content to play with his squirrels until he turned to stone. Still present outside the Granite-Flame Academy in statue form.
the Immortal Bard
A half-elf bard, blessed with agelessness. Still a major political player
the Handmaiden (Demigod)
A human cleric of a forgotten god, she was called up to ascension to serve at the right hand of Melara.
the Shirtless Dwarf
A dwarven fighter who loved taking off his shirt. Eventually turned into a sentient tree somewhere near Pilvin Koti. It'll whisper dirty jokes in your ear if you sit under it.


Seeking Refuge (Campaign)