Rune Anvil

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A device ostensibly created by the ancient dwarves (but really by the Titans before them) that uses the power of rune magic and memory crystals to rapidly transform raw materials into worked goods of highest quality and extremely fine tolerances. The heart of this, however, are the Runesmiths, dwarves who take shifts in wielding the the cost of their own life energy. The only Rune Anvil in Noefra whose location is known belongs to the Alkh clan and was located in Kaelthia until it was smuggled out in late 251 AC to avoid it falling into the hands of the Prophet of Law Unveiled and his zealots. It is a secret only known to a few that they really got it by betraying the original owners (the Bolor clan of Bolor Hold) to enemies and stealing it while the Bolor were being slaughtered. This anvil is the source of much of the Uulan wealth and power.

In its inactive state it appears similar to a large, rune-inscribed anvil. When activated it unfolds into a chair/"desk" combination of sorts. The wielder sits in the chair, raw materials are placed on the desktop, and the magic happens. Under normal conditions, an average wielder can create an entire suit of plate armor in a day of the finest dwarven steel (other than the padding and straps) from mere ingots. Most commonly it was used for pump housings for the great locks on the Kael River and pumps, pistons, and lift components for the mines under Mount Refuge and the Uulani range.