Sea of Dreams

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Newly formed after the Cataclysm, the Sea of Dreams covers most of what was the Flower Kingdom. Bordered by Kotimaa to the west, the Giant Spine Mountains to the east, and the Dreamwall Mountains to the south, it is a large, shallow bay of the Northern Ocean [TODO: rename]]. It rarely reaches more than 100' in depth at any point, and many small islands (former hill-tops and mountains) dot it. Several ruined towers of pre-cataclysm cities poke up from it, but these remain unexplored.

The only major ports on the Sea of Dreams are Zhapai Karmap and the True Hold, but many villages (both belonging to the Duarchy of Kotimaa and various unincorporated human and elven villages) can be found on its southern and western edges. There is at least mkhulu nest under its waters.

Also present in the drowned city of Lasiriand, the former capital of the Flower Kingdom before it was sunk in the Cataclysm, is the southern stronghold of the Grand Northern Alliance of sea-folk. Their patrols police the other folk present in the sea, as well as the ruins of the former land-dwelling civilizations. Mostly kalasaa (although weilgoroesi and ika-ika are also present), this outpost is staffed primarily with zealots and traditionalists devoted to Leviathan. The organization known as the Wardens of History also maintains one of their prison bastions nearby.