Selan's Seekers

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The Seekers are the smallest and most single-purpose of the Registered Companies. Led by an obsessive gwerin noble named Selan sur Seren, they only concern themselves with ancient relics of magic. It is believed that they have ties to the (proscribed in most nations) Imperial Sons organization; they certainly have little concern for social norms or niceties if they get in the way of uncovering lost secrets of magic. Joining the Seekers is by invitation only.

Chartering Nation 
Neutral Obsessive
Weird and dangerous.
CSP Compliance 
Technical, mostly by hiding the evidence.
Arcane services--can purchase scrolls, spell-stones, and other magical consumables and services at a substantial discount.
Typical mission 
Delving into ancient ruins in search of lore or artifacts.
Mostly in Kotimaa and Fiach Wood