Sentinel Island

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The largest island in the Primal Sea, Sentinel Island lies about 75 miles south of the tip of the Jungle of Fangs. It measures roughly 200 miles East-West by 175 miles North-South, although with substantial irregularity. A central short mountain range occupies the middle of the island, but most of the rest of the island is rolling grasslands.

Designated an Imperial Preserve by the Biblia Dynasty of Tibor Imperia in about 1000 BC, it remained wild and peopled only by goblin tribes, with the sole exception of a small Imperial outpost on the northern shore. After the fall of Tibor Imperia and the Cataclysm, it remained terra incognita, appearing only on ancient maps. In 204 AC, Admiral I'kor'lai, admiral of the First Advance Fleet of the Ship Folk landed a force at what is now Kong Heu and began subjugating the locals. As of 250 AC, the entire island is under Ship Folk control with the exception of the interior mountain range, where the remaining recondite goblin tribes dwell and launch guerilla raids on the lowlands.

Its fertile soil and closeness to the [[Noefra]n mainland have made it a perfect jumping off spot for trade between the Great Rift and the Jungle of Fangs. Massive plantations and ranches, staffed by enslaved peoples of many races, occupy much of the island. Foodstuffs are the primary output, but drug ingredients (especially dream poppies) and cotton are other major products.


Six major towns and countless plantations are scattered around. In Ship Folk fashion, the coastal ones are much more prestigious and more heavily settled.

Kong Heu
The capital and largest settlement of Sentinel Island, Kong Heu numbers nearly 4,000 inhabitants and a major port.
Once a major town, now fallen with the rise of Heu Bai and the northern trade, Phalan has only about 1,000 inhabitants.
Heu Bai
The most recent major town, Heu Bai dominates the trade with the mainland and has about 2,500 inhabitants.
Alun Pasa
The eastern bastion, this fortress protects the eastern plains of the island.
Kham Pasa
The western bastion, this fortress protects the western plains of the island.
Unlike the rest of the towns, this one was founded by enslaved local goblins who fought their way to status. Hardscrabble and rough.

Map of the Island and Surrounding Serpent Sea

The Serpent Sea and Sentinel Island