Serpent Dominion

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  • Caste-based feudal monarchy/aristocracy.
  • Phraya rules, with Phra and other lower nobles below.
  • Towns ruled by nobles or their chosen governors.


  • Fang-kin humans (35%)
  • Fang-kin half-elves (25%)
  • Ophidians (35%)
  • Sena'ka (5%)


Fang-kin are devout worshipers of the Queen Ascendant, as are more "civilized" ophidians. They do not acknowledge the authority of the priests at Ar Salem Dolem and have their own hierarchy. "Wild" ophidians practice kami-veneration.


  • Closest to "traditional" Stone Throne society
  • Highly caste based, but ophidians now can rise to any level.
  • Caste promotions based on merit.


See Kel'al'ar.



International relationships

  • Generally good, but limited.
  • Only major contact is with the Ship People--they've developed a detente.


The current Phraya (King, roughly) is Isal Hvang Srey. Adopted daughter of the former Phraya, Isal Sat'psa Balin, she was victorious in the selection competition that ended at the time of the Battle of Kel'al'ar in 211 AC. Now in her mid 70s, she hasn't softened much. She still rules with an eye to practicality and profit. Her heir is her second daughter, Hvang Puo.

The other contestants that survived the selection competition have since passed away--two from natural causes (Isals Sat'psa Dara and Sat'psa Vanna) and Isal Sat'psa Leng who was executed for leading the Devil's Rebellion in 211 AC.