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The royal clan of Wyrmhold. The smallest clan, by custom it only includes the ruler and immediate family. There are no side-branches or collateral lines within the clan--when a new king or queen ascends to the throne, their siblings (if any) join the clan of their spouses. Exogamy is universal--the Shakti never marry within the clan.

Current Members

  • Beatris ka Shakti. Queen and Clan Head. Widow.
  • Elspeth ka Shakti + Conor ka Shakti (formerly ka Byarsha). Acting Queen & consort. ~40 years old.
    • Their three children (two daughters, one son).
  • Liam ka Shakti + Maeve ka Shakti (formerly ka Khor). ~25 years old. Only a half-sibling to Elspeth, fathered by a post-widowhood lover. Somewhat of a flamboyant, unserious character. Deadly swordsman and dilettante mage.
    • Their one young son.