Ship Folk

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  • marine-heavy culture(live most of their lives on ships where possible), ship-dwellers have higher status
  • Slave owners
  • Rule by strength
  • Little institutional loyalty--every person for themselves
  • Organized into a Grand Fleet made of smaller Fleets, each led by an Admiral. 7 total fleets
    • 2x Advance Fleets (raiders and explorers)
    • 2x Supply Fleets (merchants and civilian supply, also handle much of the land-dwelling)
    • 1x Home Fleet (guards of the settled islands, also primary invasion forces)
    • 1x Creche Guardians (protect and maintain the creche where new sena'ka are born)
    • 1x Reserve Fleet (penal fleet, does scut work)
  • Cruelty, arrogance, infighting.
  • Mental discipline (because showing weakness in front of others is a risk for death).
  • Rational--will surrender rather than die. Inter-fleet squabbles usually end with ransomed losers & payments.
  • Don't breed fast (breed only in one creche, artificially), so are loath to lose their own people. Reckless with the lives of slaves, however.
  • Mostly have raided local settlements in the Great Rift area. Recently (~205 AC) established a foothold on Sentinel Island. Admiral I'kor'lai (admiral of the First Advance Fleet) has set out from there and very recently established a beach-head on the Noefran continent. Founded the city of Musica Mutema at the southern tip of the Jungle of Fangs.
  • Racial dance is twerking


  • Grand Admiral Ath'l'Poarl'la (mediates disputes, decides inter-fleet promotions).
    • Admiralty Board (oversees Fleet operations, designates hunting grounds, sets taxes on captures and sales)
      • Advance Fleet 1
      • Advance Fleet 2
      • Home Fleet
    • Land Council (sets policy for landborne operations, slave auctions, new births of sena'ka, fleet assignments & food allocations)
      • Reserve Fleet (lowest status, construction/penal fleet)
      • Creche Guardians (tiny elite force who handle births, chosen for life)
      • Landsmen (including land-slaves, the very lowest status possible)

Ship Hierarchy

  • Captain
    • Ship's Mage
    • Sub-Captain(s)
      • Master
        • Ratings (1st and 2nd)
      • Senior Armsman
        • Armsmen (1st and 2nd)
        • Armed Slaves