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A roughly 70-mile-wide area of rugged jungled mountains that juts out into the bay near Byssia, bordered by swamps to the east, the Gap-tooth Bay to the west and south, and the Tri-nation Border region to the north. The only significant permanent settlement is at Freeport, on the Red Wave Bay.

The mount itself is distinguished by the Three Crones, three mountain peaks that rise head and shoulders above the rest of the terrain. While most of the range is ~3000 ft up from the sea, the Three Crones reach into the cloud layer--their true heights are unknown.

This area is highly under-explored due to the legends of strange creatures and well-attested records of extreme elemental and especially kami-centric activity in the region. It's said that the land itself there only barely welcomes mortals...

To the east are the Dead Fens, including a remnant pocket of Twisted corruption that has taken root.