Tempus Machina

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Starting in early spring 251 AC, this party is exploring the lands of Ikela and the surrounding area.



  • Meeting up in Surat, they took a quest to handle issues with bugs and rats in the sewers there. They discovered active manipulation by forces later discovered to be in the pay of a member of the Sura family, as well as a (false flag) attempt to sabotage the magical purification center for the sewers (with possibly catastrophic results).
  • Into the Nightmare Scar : A trip across the river led to the discovery of corrupted elemental nodes, some elucidation of Fai's memories, and making some friends. And discovering the influence of Korv'al'zagan. As well as some weird timey-wimey stuff.
  • Coming back into Surat, they uncovered a devil-run plot to assassinate the Sura family head and blame it on the Jalshea Trading Company. This was stopped. Jo'Vasha also made friends with a pretty kitty. And the party killed the 3rd son of a noble of Sheopur. He had it coming, but...
  • Cleansing Greenwood Reach From there, they headed south to a place known as Greenwood Reach, where Fai made a fiendish friend and time got really really complicated.
  • The trip to Fatehpur resulted in meeting powerful elven wizards and JoVasha's mom, who does not have it going on. Traveled south to investigate the magical storms that rage in this area. Met the Two Moons half-elves. Investigated the silver dragon in stasis and eventually freed her as well as restoring the song.
  • Varanasi was the next stop, and there's an infestation of demonic influence (Korv'al'Zagan yet again) they had to deal with. Ambushed, followed up and eliminated the cell. Jo'Vasha's sweetie Katya is starring in a musical being put on the the old school which horrifically mangles the adventures and accomplishments of Tempus Machina, all in service of promoting Jo'Vasha as The Prophet. The dream nodes arise as another possible quest soon.