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Quick Facts

A mid-sized town of about 8,000 people located on the Lupaus Plain. The only substantial city on the plain, it mainly serves as a caravan resupply point and reshipment depot for trade between Wyrmhold and parts east. Much farming and ranching goes on around the town as well (producing food for the trade caravans).

Water-born shipments along the Kairen (to Baile Duchas and Lyodnoir), Vodlanoi (to Byarsha), and Khol rivers (which join nearby) are transferred to caravans along the Dragon Road to the east (and vice versa). Although the joined river (the Khol) stays navigable until it empties into Lake Coy'in, river traffic is forbidden downstream of Vaeltaa because that passes too near the holy site of Pyhin (holy to the Horse Clans). This makes Vaelta the gateway to Wyrmhold.

And presents tensions as the Wyrmholders are not happy with this state of affairs. Vaeltaa belongs to the Crisial Kingdom, who has made treaties with the local Horse Clans (who have butted heads with Wyrmhold and its expansionist ways in the past). This means that any attempt to annex Vaeltaa would require a major operation and would likely start an all-out war. This does not stop Wyrmhold from looking for ways to alter the situation.

The town has no real government structure. Guarding is done by goons hired by the trading companies, and focuses on the warehouse districts. There is a local militia under the blacksmith, Agata, but that is rarely used.


Vaelta, showing districts and locations

Major buildings and Services


  • The Sign of the Horse Inn: fancy inn catering to merchants and other wealthy travellers. Map location (B)
  • The Boot and Bear: Lower-class inn catering to travelers and workers. Mostly a tavern. Map location (G)


  • The Fractured Coin: Shady den of scum and villainy. No inn rooms. Map location (H)

Other Services

  • Blacksmith Agata: Map location (K). Agata is also the militia chief and sheriff, but she rarely acts in that role. A large (6'8", 250 lb) female orc. Clan tattoos are gone, showing that she was exiled. Doesn't talk about it (and asking/mentioning it is a BAD IDEA). She is gruff and unpleasant, but effective. Has no stable romantic relationships. Loves a good brawl.
  • High class merchant: Map location (I)
  • Lower class merchant (general goods): Map location (J)
  • Temple/Shrine. Map location (C). Ecumenical. Also kami shrine. Run by human male (Ethan) and his female goblin(!) apprentice (Yap). She's…not very good at the whole clerical demeanor thing. Can cast 2nd level cleric spells. Charges [10, 20, 40] gp for spell-casting services. Rumor is that they're lovers.
  • Money-lender : First Bank of ZK. Heavily defended. Map location (A). Goblin tribe in charge. Manager is a hobgoblin. Seriously paranoid. Tribe lives in same building.
  • Herb wife/Spirit Talker: Map location (F). Half elf (half-wind elf), older woman. Main contact point for wind elves/Horse Clans in the area. Casts 1st level druid spells and makes healing potions. Will buy herbs.
  • Arcanist : Map location (E). Arwen. High elf female, blonde. Both personality and hair color. Not all that bright when it comes to people. Casts 2nd level wizard spells. Charges [15, 30, 60] gp for spell-casting services. Will make scrolls that she knows, at 4x spell cost.
  • Butcher : Map location (D). Big male (wall-builder) human Johan. Gay, with partner (William) who is local tailor. Chatty, rumor-monger. Believes he's well informed, but most of what he knows is wrong.

Other notables

  • Kaelthian Merchant Collective (Major merchant union for Successor states)--> Dray Wagon-master
  • Clan Syra Representative (merchant touchpoint for Wyrmhold) --> Aodh ka Syra (brass dragonborn). Resents involvement of Wyrmhold secret agents in town.